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R2D2 Headphones

R2D2 Headphones Listening to music through your headphones is most probably one of your past times at home, right? Even outside home, some music lovers still cannot help but to wear their headphones and listen to their most favorite songs every now and then. It is never surprising that people love to hear music by […]

R2D2 Luggage

Star Wars R2D2 Luggage   Are you an avid fan of Star Wars? If you are then this Star Wars R2D2 Luggage can be the best luggage you can ever shop online. If you are a person whose work nature involves travelling for days or if you are simply a person who loves to travel […]

R2D2 Figure

R2D2 (Action) Figure One of the most popular figures to get is, off course, R2D2! Let’s face it. He is known worldwide for his looks and typical bleeping noises. On this page we give you some of the available figures to go get. We add a short summary so you know what they are all about. […]

R2D2 Hoodie

The R2D2 Hoodie Sweatshirt Keep yourself warm on a chilly day with the R2D2 Hoodie! Made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester this shirt will definitely feel both soft and comfortable. The zipper runs all over the front including the hoodie. Not that you definitely need to close the hoodie itself, but it’s a nice […]


The Inflatable RC R2D2 For ages 5 and up this is a very cool and fun gadget to consider: The RC R2D2! Radio controlled stuff is one of the most interesting toys that kids these days want to have. Most likely they want to have either a super fast racing car or helicopter, but why not […]

R2D2 Plush

The Talking R2D2 Plush Want to surprise your little kid with a new and colorful toy? Who knows if the R2D2 Plush will do the trick. Perfect for any child of 3 years and up. Or maybe you as a grown up just want to have one for yourself in your bedroom. There are a lot […]

R2D2 Cookie Jar

The Jar That Opens Your World What an awesome product! Who would have thought that R2D2 also comes in the shape of a cookie jar. Whether for your kitchen, your office or even your hobby will fit almost anywhere. If you are a cookie monster and Star Wars freak, well maybe this is the product […]

R2D2 Fit And Flare Dress

The Exclusive R2D2 Fit And Flare Dress For all the women out there that are in search of the ultimate way to become a droid, we proudly present the R2D2 Fit And Flare Dress! We have some more dresses on our website in the typical tank top model, but this one deserves some special attention. This is a dress […]

R2D2 Papercraft

The Build-It-Yourself R2D2 Papercraft Keep your friends and beloved ones busy with this R2D2 Papercraft kit! Or maybe you just want it for yourself to keep you busy on a holiday or camping trip. The parts are made from high-quality cardstock paper with both great details and colors. The result is just amazing! If it’s not […]

R2D2 Tank Top

The Black & White R2D2 Tank Top We could have added this R2D2 Tank Top to our dress page (click here), however since it does not look similar in any way we decided to give it an own short review. Especially since we like this tank top so much ourselves! It’s definitely not to compare to the colored […]

R2D2 Socks

The Fantastic R2D2 Socks We all wear socks, at least we guess you do. So how about adding a little Star Wars to them with these R2D2 Socks! Unfortunately socks are the sort of clothing that don’t show all the time, but it’s still great to be able to wear them and show them from time to […]

R2D2 Cufflinks

The Stylish R2D2 Cufflinks If you are looking for something unique then here’s a good idea: The R2D2 Cufflinks. A nice accessory for the Star Wars fans which adds that extra bit of style to your apparel. Not immediately noticeable, but at the same time an eye catcher for those who have a taste for detail. […]

R2D2 USB Hub

The 4 Port R2D2 USB Hub This is a handy and fun product for all the R2D2 fans out there that wish to add some decoration to their desk. And besides decoration, this R2D2 USB Hub is also very functional with it’s 4 USB ports to connect your stuff to. We have browsed through lots of different […]


The R2D2 USB Sticks We all are familiar with USB sticks, they can come in handy to store and transport fils from our computers. What a coincidence that there also seems to be an R2D2 USB version on todays market. They come with different capacities and we give you the links to the 4 and 8 […]

R2D2 Toy

The Build-It-Yourself R2D2 Toy If you want to get an R2D2 Toy then your options seem almost limitless. We offer some great toys on our website which you can check out here, but when it comes to toys we always hear that people prefer the kind of stuff you can build yourself. Still it’s hard […]

R2D2 Towel

The Soft R2D2 Towel What would you say to this R2D2 Towel? Just imagine getting out of the shower and wrap this towel around you. Or spread it on the beach and lay down comfortably after a swim. This towel assures a soft touch to your skin and is something that probably not a lot of people […]

R2D2 Onesie

The Sweet R2D2 Onesie Do you have a little kid? Or did someone you know gave birth to a boy or girl and you don’t know what to get? Well, here’s an idea! The R2D2 Onesie. Off course we R2D2 lovers would buy this for our own kids, but well the question is what would others […]

R2D2 Speaker

The Cute R2D2 Speaker For everyone that’s looking for an R2D2 Speaker here’s a good option. Keep in mind that there are way better speakers out there for the same price that have better audio quality. But they are not shaped in this droid, so yeah it’s a choice you have to make. We consider […]

R2D2 Phone

The R2D2 Phone by Motorola When R2D2 had his 30th birthday this R2D2 Phone was released to give that special effect to his birthday party! Motorola was the happy manufacturer that helped to accomplish this whole project which lead to a great success. Now most of us should already own a smartphone, so this is […]

R2D2 Phone Case

R2D2 Phone Case For iPhone/Samsung/HTC Want to turn your smartphone into the astromech droid R2D2? Then look no further since the R2D2 Phone Case has to be the coolest way to decorate and protect your phone. There are lots of options to choose from and we cannot focus on each and every one of them. That’s why […]

R2D2 Projector

Play Your Movies With The R2D2 Projector By far the most expensive product on our website is this R2D2 Projector. We ourselves would never get one as the price is way above our budget, but if you buy one then you MUST be the ultimate R2D2 fan! We weren’t so sure if this would fit to our […]

R2D2 MP3

R2D2 MP3 Player Play your favorite songs with this R2D2 MP3 player wherever you are and whenever you want. Actually this cool little devise is referred to as being an mp4 player, but yes it plays mp3’s! MP4 is a file format that’s used for storing audio, videos and pictures. So you can in fact […]

Lego R2D2

Build Your Own Lego R2D2 Talking about cool gadgets. Now check out this Lego R2D2 and get your mind blown away! This is WAY one of the best gadgets the R2D2 fans should definitely consider to get. Otherwise your collections is anything but 100% complete. The fun thing is that even if you’re not addicted to this droid, […]

Interactive R2D2

The Smart Interactive R2D2 The Interactive R2D2 has been on the market for several years now. Every now and then the manufacturer updates the program so you should find several similar looking robots out there. Big fun for kids who don’t necessarily have to be Star Wars fans! It’s a fun toy that will keep […]

R2D2 Mickey Ears

The Funny R2D2 Mickey Ears Designed and manufactured by Disney Theme Parks, here’s the R2D2 Mickey Ears hat! Maybe not something to wear on your wedding, but who knows if you have some party planned for which you have no clue how to draw some attention. Or even better, if you have kids then this will […]

R2D2 Cap

The Special Edition R2D2 Cap Coming from the officially licensed Star Wars Cap Collection, we proudly present the R2D2 Cap! A must-have for all the big fans of this incredibly popular droid. Get one now to complete your outfit, wear it to a concert or comic con, or just put it on whenever your feel like it. […]

R2D2 Hat

The Handmade R2D2 Hat Now here’s an interesting product! This R2D2 Hat is handmade by Jill from Knitnut by JL, so if you order one it will come directly out of her own hands! A good looking little hat that will keep you warm throughout the cold winter months. Jill does an excellent job on these hats and has […]

R2D2 Cooler

The ‘Cool’ R2D2 Cooler Keep your beverages cold with this R2D2 Cooler. Any custom can will fit into this little fellow to help you enjoy your drink chilly in any warm environment. A pretty cool piece of equipment for both Star Wars lovers and gadget collectors! If someone knows what cold is all about then leave […]

R2D2 Lunch Bag

The Thermos R2D2 Lunch Bag A little bigger than the lunch box we offer on our website, here’s the R2D2 Lunch Bag! What doesn’t fit in a box might just fit in a bag. And besides that, it keeps your meals and beverages cool and fresh! Send them off to school in style, especially if they […]

R2D2 Lunch Box

The Cool R2D2 Lunch Box Sending your kids off to school with this R2D2 Lunch Box must surely stimulate them to start their meals as soon as it’s lunchbreak! Most probably they just can’t wait to show to everyone that they are the true masters of lunch boxes day in and day out. But not only kids, also […]

R2D2 Crocs

R2D2 Crocs For Toddlers And Kids You see them everywhere…On the beach, at the pool, at a playground. Yeah, crocs definitely have their place in today’s market but do they look cool? We don’t think so. Most probably people buy them because they are very handy and easy to clean, especially when you have kids. […]

R2D2 Watch

The Stylish R2D2 Watch A marvelous piece of stainless steel! Start to keep track of time with this R2D2 Watch and impress anyone that gets a glimpse of it. High quality materials combined with an official numbered certificate of authenticity make this watch everything but a toy! First of all it comes in a nice black Star Wars box […]

R2D2 Robe

The Soft R2D2 Robe Soft, warm and comfortable…three words that describe this R2D2 Robe best! Good quality and lots of details…what’s not to like? It’s a one-size product which is a little too big for children but fits grownups perfectly. Need one for kids? Don’t worry because we offer one of those as well at the very bottom of […]

R2D2 Soap Dispenser

The R2D2 Soap Dispenser It seems R2D2 gadgets almost have no limit! And this is again proven when we came across the R2D2 Soap Dispenser. At first we weren’t too sure whether to add this to our website or not. It’s expensive ($75.14), there are no customer reviews (at this point) and there’s not a […]

R2D2 Pez

The X-Large R2D2 Pez We guess most of us owned a Pez candy character once in our lives, didn’t we? Well, if you haven’t then you might not be living in one of the 90 countries where these candies have been sold over and over again. They truly are one of the most famous candy dispensers and […]

R2D2 USB Car Charger

Charge on the road with the R2D2 USB Car Charger Never use your cars’ cup holder? Or are you bored of traveling to work all by yourself? Then maybe you should give this R2D2 USB Car Charger a go! It will instantly fit almost all vehicles, and if not you can adapt the arms for adjustments. […]

R2D2 Bathing Suit

R2D2 Bathing Suit with C-3PO Even though we try to stay totally focussed on R2D2 on our website, every now and then we come across a cool product where he is not alone. Which also is the case with this R2D2 bathing suit, in which R2 is accompanied by C-3PO. Probably one of the best combinations since these […]

R2D2 Backpack

R2D2 Backpack With Hood Another officially Star Wars licensed product. In our opinion this R2D2 Backpack is the best choice you have when you want to send your kid off to school as an astromech droid! The are a couple of other backpacks to choose from but trust us, this really is the one you should […]

R2D2 Bottle Stopper

The Amusing R2D2 Bottle Stopper Wouldn’t you agree that typically corks stuffed halfway in a bottle of wine look a little boring? Here’s your chance to change this with the funky R2D2 Bottle Stopper! This impressive small piece of plastic can really do the trick or may even seduce some of us to open another bottle over and over again. […]

R2D2 Trash Can

The Realistic R2D2 Trash Can Probably one of the most detailed products when it comes to replicas! Start to make cleaning fun with this R2D2 Trash Can and keep your office or kitchen tidy. It really looks fantastic, almost as if it were alive! The bin can easily be opened by pressing on a pedal that […]

R2D2 Leggings

The Appealing R2D2 Leggings What’s not to like about the R2D2 leggings? They are a true eye-catcher at any occasion! We had a look at available products and on this page we will clear things up a little for you. We hope it will give you some help if you’re seriously considering to buy one. Let’s start with the […]

R2D2 Cake

Bake Your Own R2D2 Cake Baking has never been that much fun! Here’s your chance to make your own R2D2 Cake with this cool cake mold. But it doesn’t just end there, you can even make the best chocolates or jello’s you have ever made. Order it and see for yourself how well your cake will come […]

R2D2 Costume

The Toddler R2D2 Costume Nobody is too young to start wearing Star Wars clothes! And with this R2D2 Costume you’ll have your toddler absolutely making the show at home. Unfortunately there is no similar costume for adults so most of the time they either make one themselves or end up buying pants and shirts separately. Still it’s […]

R2D2 Dress

The Impressive R2D2 Dress Dress to Impress! At a party, at halloween, or just for fun. This R2D2 dress is one out of many similar products you can choose from, but in our opinion it’s the best choice! Let us give you a little more details so you know what you’ll be buying. And don’t worry, we […]

R2D2 Swimsuit

The awesome R2D2 Swimsuit Obviously a product for women! But we wouldn’t be surprised if lots of men out there are buying this R2D2 swimsuit as a present for their Star-Wars-loving girlfriends. Let’s face it, this does really look awesome on the beach or at the pool. Besides that, the chance that someone else is […]