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The Smart Interactive R2D2

interactive-r2d2The Interactive R2D2 has been on the market for several years now. Every now and then the manufacturer updates the program so you should find several similar looking robots out there. Big fun for kids who don’t necessarily have to be Star Wars fans! It’s a fun toy that will keep everyone laughing as it has it’s own feelings and different moods. But off course there are ways to get him in a good mood which we will talk about in a minute.

It’s about 2 feet tall (which equals to 61 centimeters) and runs on 4 “AA” and 4 “D” batteries. Unfortunately these are not included but you can order them together with this robot. It will keep your kids busy day in and day out. R2 will respond to your voice, and there’s an easy manual to help you understand his language. Actually it’s just simple english words and phrases so almost anyone can do this. The key is to get a little control over his mood by saying the right things. Experience will get you there, which makes this toy more than just a one-day product. It’s just like meeting friends in real life, you’ll get to know them better and better over time. Depending on the mood you got him in he will respond differently to your commands. For instance, if you tell him to dance then in a happy mood that performance will be way cooler than in a sad mood. He can play music for you if you kindly ask, reacts to Star Wars related words, plays games, holds your drink and even follows you around if you tell him to. Sometimes he decides to turn on his light which you will get to control once you become good friends. Besides all this there are quite some ‘secret’ commands you can find online that will keep you busy for quite a while. We added some of them at the bottom of this page.

Besides all this cool stuff he also looks amazing. Perfect details and great movements in dance or follow mode (the follow mode actually is a secret one). Just make sure not to walk too fast as maybe he won’t be able to catch up with you. He really does sense where you are! However with all this equipment on board it’s not a cheap gadget. It wil cost you $158.99 and the newest even $199.99. There’s not a big difference between those actually. The newest one looks almost the same, the extra command it comes with is the whistle function. So the choice is up to you. We do however believe you’ll be absolutely fine with the $158.99 version. They both respond to all commands and also the ‘secret’ ones.


($158.99 version)

interactive-r2d2-box interactive-r2d2-beverage


Check out the $199.99 version by clicking here (if you’re interested)



The Interactive R2D2 comes with a bunch of commands that will keep you busy for a while. But there are some hidden commands that you can search for on the internet and try out yourself. Here are the ones we came across:

  • Follow Me! (first get him into companion mode)
  • Come Here! (Also in companion mode)
  • Imperial March Song! (first go to character mode with the question ‘do you remember’, then ask him about Anakin and Darth Vader and he’ll be playing the song)
  • Sad Cantina Song! (works in game mode after which you ask him to dance)
  • Celebration Song! (first go to character mode , then ask him about Chewbacca, Luke Skywalker and Han Solo and there you go)
  • Special Surprise! (first turn on the light beam with the words ‘light beam’, then tap him three times on his head, get him into game mode by saying ‘game mode’ and then ‘dance program’)

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