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Build Your Own Lego R2D2

lego-r2d2Talking about cool gadgets. Now check out this Lego R2D2 and get your mind blown away! This is WAY one of the best gadgets the R2D2 fans should definitely consider to get. Otherwise your collections is anything but 100% complete. The fun thing is that even if you’re not addicted to this droid, the kit does result in something awesome which you’ll never want to take apart anymore. And even if you are not a big lego lover yourself, just think of the result and put your forces together and complete it asap! So to all Star Wars and Lego geeks: Get one!

Be warned that this robot will take you days to complete. Lego is fun, and most of us have played with it in the past, but this is a super challenge. The box states that it’s meant for folks from 16 years and over, and that’s probably good to notice. But if you’re a cool dad with some spare time then you could build this for (or with) your kid. The result that will come out of all these tiny parts will always remind you of how much effort you had to put into it. Making it much more than just an ordinary R2D2 replica. Once you managed to complete it you must be proud of yourself! Really, it looks astonishing. Don’t think that lego is anything but details, even better, the details are superb. Together with the typical lego effect you will have the ultimate eye-catcher for your home decor.

There are some features it comes with that complete the whole fun. If you open one door at the front the R2D2 key will pop up, which is capable of opening any door to any spaceship in te galaxy. Another door can be opened to gain access to R2’s cutting disc. The head can rotate any way you like. In our opinion the best option is the third leg that can be hidden but also released to put R2 in the driving position. It measures 12 inches in height (31 centimeters) and 7 inches in width (18 centimeters). As you may have guessed this is not a cheap gadget. It will cost you $179.95.



What else should you know

The Lego R2D2 speaks for itself. Just read some interesting customer comments and reviews after following the above link and you should complete your overall picture of it. You may also want to watch the creators video. It’s funny that with this quite expensive gadget you will also receive a miniature R2D2, which kind of makes us wonder why. But well, the manufacturers probably have their reasons. Make sure to also check our electronics and toys section to see what else there is to get. And last but not least, let us know how your Lego experience turned out!

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