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The Projector R2D2 Alarm Clock

r2d2-alarm-clockWaking up can be tough and there’s usually not a lot of fun in the process. No surprise that the Star Wars company felt the urge to build this R2D2 Alarm Clock for you! You’ll still need to get out of bed unfortunately, but at least the day starts with a little fun. Decorate your bedside table with this fun and impressive gadget, and let R2 guard you over night so you’ll get a good long rest.

This plastic clock measures approximately 6.7 x 4 inches (or in centimeters 17 x 10). It looks great and has a lot of details. The three feet are adjustable so you can position this droid the way it suits you best. There’s a small clock on the front telling you the time. However the reason why people buy this gadget is because of the built in projector. And this is where the movable feet come in handy too. Position R2 towards your wall or ceiling and let him display the time and date. Keep in mind that this will only happen when the alarm goes off, he won’t be projecting continuously! But probably that’s a good thing because otherwise your batteries would run out way faster. There is no power cable with this product but batteries are included. Besides the projection of the time this droid will also play some of his favorite sounds, making it very clear to you that the day has started.

All together we like this a lot. The clock on R2 himself could have been a little bigger though. It’s a good thing that the projector and sounds will only work at the time you set your alarm, because were it running 24/7 it would start to get a little boring after a while. And if you just want to check the time whilst you’re lying in bed then press a single button and the projector will show up for a limited time. It will cost you $35.99 to get one.




What else is there to consider

There’s another version of the R2D2 Alarm Clock. This one doesn’t come with a projector but lights up fully when it starts to get dark. The sound effect will help you wake up. The price is very comparable as this one will cost you $36.29. We personally prefer the one mentioned above, but who knows this will fit your bedroom interior better! Click the button below to check it out or to see more electronics on our website click here.


clock-alternative-one  clock-alternative-twoclock-alternative-three

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