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R2D2 Backpack With Hood

r2d2-backpackAnother officially Star Wars licensed product. In our opinion this R2D2 Backpack is the best choice you have when you want to send your kid off to school as an astromech droid! The are a couple of other backpacks to choose from but trust us, this really is the one you should consider to get.

First of all it’s 100% nylon and the quality is great. It will last for years which probably is a good thing as you know how kids can behave from time to time. The R2D2 print is clear with bright colors and if you clean small dirty spots by hand no harm will be done to it. The problem with related products often is that the zippers will break after a while, but with this product that chance is way smaller. Also the hanger loop won’t come off that easily which seems to happen to the cheaper backpacks people have bought in the past. Off course you can check out the other possibilities, and maybe you have a budget that will make you buy another one. Just make sure to read through the reviews. If your budget however allows this product then yeah it’s worth considering. We found it at Amazon and if you follow the link below then most probably all related products should pop up somewhere. They sell it for $45.40 with free shipping.

Funny fact is that there is a hood attached to this R2D2 backpack. Simply unzip the second zipper from the back and your child can cover his or her head when it rains, or most probably…just to look cool! What other backpack comes with this option? Not a lot…and besides that, kids just love extra gadgets!


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Here are some additional pictures from the backpack. If you are interested click the ‘check it out’ button below and you’ll be redirected to Amazon to read more information. Good luck with your choice, your kid will be very thankful! Also check out our R2D2 clothes, accessories, top 10 or whatever category you prefer. If we can be of any assistance please leave your comment below or e-mail us directly. New feedback is always welcome to further optimize our website.




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