R2D2 Bottle Stopper


The Amusing R2D2 Bottle Stopper

r2d2-bottle-stopperWouldn’t you agree that typically corks stuffed halfway in a bottle of wine look a little boring? Here’s your chance to change this with the funky R2D2 Bottle Stopper! This impressive small piece of plastic can really do the trick or may even seduce some of us to open another bottle over and over again.  It fits almost all wine bottles and could be a great conversation starter when you have guests around. And if not, at least it is going to add that extra dimension to your wine bottle!

It seems that the character R2D2 has been used for so many gadgets that it’s easy to loose count. Clothes, electronics and even kitchen equipment nowadays is available in this droid’s formula. But make sure not to miss out on the smaller items that can come in very handy from time to time. Not a lot of space is required to store this product and even if you take it out of your drawer every now and it will still get that smile on your face. Because it is made out of plastic you can easily clean it but it’s advised not to place it in your dishwasher. Clean it by hand to make sure it will stay in good quality and to keep the colors bright and shiny. There’s not a lot to mention about it further, the stopper speaks for itself. Amazon sells it for the lowest price ($9.77) so if you want to get one maybe it’s a good idea to get it from them. We provided a direct link below for you. Keep in mind that Amazon changes their prices and products every now and then, so maybe the link wil redirect you to another but similar product. If it doesn’t tickle your fancy then maybe you want to check out some of our other cool gadgets based on this astromech droid.




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If you have a comment about this product please feel free to share it below. We haven’t bought it ourselves yet so it’s always good to get some feedback to keep our website up to date. In case you decide to buy one then we hope you will enjoy this little yet very impressive R2D2 Bottle Stopper to the fullest!

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