R2D2 Cap


The Special Edition R2D2 Cap

r2d2-capComing from the officially licensed Star Wars Cap Collection, we proudly present the R2D2 Cap! A must-have for all the big fans of this incredibly popular droid. Get one now to complete your outfit, wear it to a concert or comic con, or just put it on whenever your feel like it. Let’s take a closer look.

The most appealing of this cap is the bright and shiny design in which the details come to their rights perfectly. It looks as if it was made out of leather (and it feels that way too), but it’s not. Actually the materials used are 63% polyester, 34% cotton and the remaining 3% is a mixture of different ones. In the description it says that it’s a mens product, but we don’t really understand why women wouldn’t be wearing them too. Maybe the reason lies in the sizes which are based on ‘bigger’ heads. At this moment you can either choose the 7 5/8 version which fits best on heads measuring 23 7/8 inches, or you can get the 7 3/4 version which is made for a head measurement of 24 1/4 inches. But who knows if more sizes will be available as these caps are in fact being made in smaller sizes too. Depending on the size, prices start at $13.95 over at Amazon. They are the cheapest. There are some resellers offering this product too but they’re all somewhere above 20 bucks and usually sold out. The link below will take you to the direct Amazon page so you can read more and check it out.

A long story short, a very nice and appealing gadget for a very normal price. The only thing that concerns us is whether it will be to warm to wear in summer. They look as if they will collect quite some heat, but maybe that’s because of the leather look. In case you got one and you know more then please let us know to give other customers the full story!




Having doubts?

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