R2D2 Cookie Jar


The Jar That Opens Your World

r2d2-cookie-jarWhat an awesome product! Who would have thought that R2D2 also comes in the shape of a cookie jar. Whether for your kitchen, your office or even your hobby room..it will fit almost anywhere. If you are a cookie monster and Star Wars freak, well maybe this is the product you have never thought about getting before. Or how about using it for little gifts or sweets that you give to your customers or colleagues at work? That would definitely make them think about you even hours after their visit. “Oh you mean that guy with that robot on his desk” could be words coming out of your colleagues mouths from time to time. Inspire them to get one too or teach them more about your favorite astromech droid. Also a good idea if you need a birthday gift and don’t know what to get.

About the jar itself: It’s made from ceramics so make sure not to drop it! Otherwise it’s a very stable and firm product that will keep it’s colors for years. The estimated height is around 10.5 inches which equals to 26 centimeters. So it will fit quite some cookies or sweets or whatever you want to use it for. Like most of our products this one too is officially licensed by Star Wars and it comes in a nice gift box. The price of $49.99 seems a lot but it’s really a normal price for these kinds of items. The Darth Vader version even costs $79.73! There will be no additional shipping costs so don’t worry about that. Sometimes there even are cheaper resellers which you will come across if you decide to go check it out. However keep in mind that usually they come with quite some shipping costs making them more expensive in the end.

Like we said we just love it! The removable head is integrated perfectly to R2’s appearance and has a great fit. Some really cool details are added to the surface but don’t expect them to be as accurate as with some other gadgets. But overall from a little distance nobody will notice. And maybe it’s better that these details aren’t too sharp..it would somehow take away the ceramic look of it! At least that’s our opinion. Go check it out if you are curious and discover if it’s in stock. Every now and then there could be a slight change in the price, but it can’t be that much.




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