R2D2 Cooler


The ‘Cool’ R2D2 Cooler

r2d2-coolerKeep your beverages cold with this R2D2 Cooler. Any custom can will fit into this little fellow to help you enjoy your drink chilly in any warm environment. A pretty cool piece of equipment for both Star Wars lovers and gadget collectors! If someone knows what cold is all about then leave it up to R2. He’s the expert!

So what’s important to know about it? Like we said it fits all cans that come in a ‘normal’ size. Even the taller ones will fit but off course not entirely. The outside is made out of metal giving it a strong and appealing look. The inside is covered by rubber giving your can a perfect fit so it won’t fall out or rotate. It’s 4.5 inches tall, the outer diameter is 3.5 inches and the inner one around 2.6 inches. The comfortable thing is that the inside will adapt and keep the cold whereas the outside will remain warm. So no worries about cold hands! There’s a small hole at the bottom to avoid vacuum as you take your can out. Also this will release the condensate so if you use it indoors maybe you should place something underneath it. Outdoors like at a camping trip should be no problem. The cooler is officially licensed and shows detailed characteristics of the world-famous astromech droid R2D2. All together a good product that’s both functional and fun!

The website to order one is called ThinkGeek. They ask a very reasonable $9.99. The only problem is that since this product seems to be so famous it’s quickly sold out. In that case have a closer look at when they will be selling them again and make sure to come back. Ebay often shows some as well but unfortunately the price is higher and shipping costs are just insane. At this moment Amazon doesn’t ship them but who knows if they will at some point. Here’s the link to go check it out.



Other Cooling Possibilities

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