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The Toddler R2D2 Costume

R2D2 CostumeNobody is too young to start wearing Star Wars clothes! And with this R2D2 Costume you’ll have your toddler absolutely making the show at home. Unfortunately there is no similar costume for adults so most of the time they either make one themselves or end up buying pants and shirts separately. Still it’s great that at least for infants there is a solution to easily turn into the astromech droid R2D2!

There are several identical costumes you can choose from when you search online, each with a slightly different price. If you’re serious about buying this item then we suggest you to order it where there’s an option to select the size. We found one product where you can choose between Newborn/Infant/6-12 months/1-2 years (link is provided below). They all come with the hat as shown in the picture. Besides that it looks cool it also keeps your child warm because of the thick material and the tight fitting around the wrists. It’s advised to hand wash this officially licensed Star Wars costume to avoid shrinking. The downside is that the head hole seems to be a little small so it will not fit all children. Some customers ended up cutting the back of the head opening to make it bigger, but in the end this will be hard to notice if you make sure that it fits nicely around the neck. Fun fact: Easy to change diapers!

The R2D2 Costume is a must-have for every mum or dad with a passion for this droid. Take it to the next level by dressing older brothers or sisters as Luke Skywalker or Princess Leia! Other comparable fun products are the Toddler Yoda and Toddler Princess Leia Costumes. Links are provided at the bottom of this page.


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Colors are clear and the print quality is high. Made from 100% polyester. More details about the different sizes:

  • Newborn: Height 23 inches, Waist 21 inches
  • Infant: Height 28-30 inches, Waist 22 inches
  • 6-12 Months: Height 30-32 inches, Waist 23 inches
  • 1-2 Years: Height 32-34 inches, Waist 24 inches

Prices for this costume start at $13.65




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