R2D2 Crocs


R2D2 Crocs For Toddlers And Kids

r2d2-crocsYou see them everywhere…On the beach, at the pool, at a playground. Yeah, crocs definitely have their place in today’s market but do they look cool? We don’t think so. Most probably people buy them because they are very handy and easy to clean, especially when you have kids. But things are about to change because these R2D2 Crocs combine both coolness and simplicity and will definitely motivate your son or daughter to put them on. Everybody’s happy!

There are a couple of toddler and kids sizes to choose from. Since the footbed material is Croslite you can expect them to last over time and remain their comfort to your child’s feet. Details like the small R2D2 positioned on the front and even a glow in the dark band across the side must be big fun for those little fellows. Customize the fit with the heel strap and they should be ready to go. They are very light weight and the sole has a good grip to avoid falling. Just follow the link we provide below, choose the size and have a little patience for them to arrive at your front door. Customers go wild about these if you read the reviews. But in case they would disappoint you in any way then you always have the option to return them for free.

Depending on the size these will cost you between $33.25 – $34.95. A little more expensive than some other regular crocs, but well, these will definitely pay themselves back over time as there is no excuse anymore to not put them on. Here’s the link to check them out and to check more sizing details.



 Are you tired of telling them to put their crocs on? Well, those times are over from now on!

To give you a better idea of the R2D2 Crocs here are some more example images.


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