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The Impressive R2D2 Dress

R2D2 DressDress to Impress! At a party, at halloween, or just for fun. This R2D2 dress is one out of many similar products you can choose from, but in our opinion it’s the best choice! Let us give you a little more details so you know what you’ll be buying. And don’t worry, we added most of the comparable products at the bottom of this page in case you want to find out more about those items too.

First of all this is the only dress that gives you the option to select a size. Now even though the other ‘one size fits all’ stretch products should fit most of the people, it’s always good to have a choice. Depending on the size you select there will be a slight difference in the price. You can choose between Small/Medium/Large/X-Large (details are added below). Make sure that with this product you select 1 size larger than you would normally do. It comes a little smaller so keep that in mind when you order! Another good thing about this dress is that it’s not only high quality but also the colors are fantastic. They really are as clear as shown in the picture (which is not always the case if you buy something online). Even after washing you don’t have to worry about the colors coming off so you can enjoy this dress for years to come. The material is completely opaque so no worries about people seeing through.

The R2D2 dress can sometimes turn out a little short, depending on the shape of your body. If you’re tall then maybe you want to wear leggings underneath it. We offer some leggings on our website too but maybe having those in R2D2 style will be a bit over the top. In our opinion black leggings will suit the best.


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R2D2 Dress backBesides the fact that you can select a size this dress will also stretch a little. It’s made out of 94% cotton and 6% spandex. Here’s a list of the available sizes (and keep in mind to get one size bigger than you would normally do):

  • Small: Chest Width 24-26 inches, Length 28-29 inches
  • Medium: Chest Width 26-28 inches, Length 29-20 inches
  • Large: Chest Width 28-30 inches, Length 31-31 inches
  • X-Large: Chest Width 30-32 inches, Length 31-32 inches

Prices for this dress start at $19.77.




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