R2D2 Egg


The R2D2 Egg Cup

r2d2-eggWhat’s better than starting your day with a delicious R2D2 egg? For us Star Wars fans it must be the perfect breakfast accessory that takes your egg to the next level! Taste is influenced by what we see, so get one yourself to experience how this will work out for you. Still it’s a pretty eye-catcher on your table and a fun gift for those who who eat eggs all the time. Kids will love it too!

After boiling your egg simply place it in the cup and and position R2’s head on top to hide and protect it from Darth Vader. Must really bring your breakfast table to life, especially if you get one for every family member. Your kid doesn’t eat his egg? Now he will! Officially licensed by Star Wars and comes in a nicely decorated box making it a perfect birthday or christmas gift. The opening is big enough to fit eggs in many sizes and so the head should fit on top just nicely.

It’s on sale for $19.95. Not really cheap but not very expensive either. Considering that you’ll be able to enjoy this product over years it’s worth buying.



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