R2D2 Fit And Flare Dress


The Exclusive R2D2 Fit And Flare Dress

r2d2-fit-and-flare-dressFor all the women out there that are in search of the ultimate way to become a droid, we proudly present the R2D2 Fit And Flare Dress! We have some more dresses on our website in the typical tank top model, but this one deserves some special attention. This is a dress that gives you more style and would look awesome at a party or a relaxed outdoor evening on your next holiday. Maybe not to wear at a wedding, unless it’s R2’s!

So what is it all about. The image tells almost anything you need to know. There are a couple of sizes to choose from, which is always a good thing. However, not all sizes are available and some are sold out pretty quickly. You will come across the possibilities and sizing information once you decide to go check it out. The dress allows quite some stretching so it will fit your body perfectly. It stretches even more than you may think! Materials used are 95% cotton and 5% spandex. It’s not very cheap as it sells for $44.99 at ThinkGeek. So you better make sure your size is available before you order it. Let’s face it, other R2 dresses start below 10 bucks so if you’re on a budget you should definitely check out more before you buy (visit our clothes section).

Still, if you decide to buy one that’s awesome! You’ll find some funny pictures of other customers who bought it once you start to read more. You could even add one yourself to inspire more people to go get one. Or just to show off! We are always happy if someone who bought it tells us how it worked out and if they would recommend it to others or not. Some reviews are really great, whilst others complain about the limited sizing possibilities. As far as we found out the small and bigger sizes usually are available.





The Tank Top

Didn’t find the right size? Or you don’t feel like paying the 45 bucks? Here’s a good alternative to the R2D2 Fit And Flare Dress! It’s a dress that comes in different sizes and colors. Once you read more about it we will show you which options you have. Click the image to continue.


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