R2D2 Hat


The Handmade R2D2 Hat

r2d2-hatNow here’s an interesting product! This R2D2 Hat is handmade by Jill from Knitnut by JL, so if you order one it will come directly out of her own hands! A good looking little hat that will keep you warm throughout the cold winter months. Jill does an excellent job on these hats and has lots more to offer on her website (www.knitnutbyjl.com). Just check it out because she has some really geeky products on there that may fascinate you.

Anyways, the hat. Good news is that there are different sizes to choose from. Let’s start with the smallest one which is intended for 0-3 months old babies. Then there’s the 3-12 months size and after that the 1-3 years old version. To continue there’s the 3-8 years old hat, followed by the teen and adult one. So make sure to pick the right size and also the right link we provide to you! But don’t worry, we have it all nicely summed up below this page. Jill uses a new kind of yarn to make these. This yarn consists of 30% milk protein fiber and 70% cotton, resulting in an extra soft feeling and fit around your head. Especially for babies that’s just lovely! The yarn is not cheap so you may be paying a couple of bucks more than you would on any ordinary hat, but keep in mind this is really comfortable and 100% handmade. The black, blue and white colors are typical for R2D2 and cannot be missed! If you’re a parent and you get one for yourself then you definitely have to get one for your child as well.

Overall we’re happy to have at least one product in our collection that is made by hand! And this hat is one of the gadgets where we dare to say that details don’t matter. As you may have read we always pay attention to details as we think they can make a huge difference in customer satisfaction. But with this hat too many details would ‘destroy’ it and so we absolutely love it the way it is. The words ‘simplicity’ and ‘exclusive’ form a perfect combination for this product! It will cost you $17.99 for any size.

0-3 months old:


3-12 months old:


 1-3 years old:


3-8 years old:


Teen and Adult:


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