R2D2 Hoodie


The R2D2 Hoodie Sweatshirt

r2d2-hoodieKeep yourself warm on a chilly day with the R2D2 Hoodie! Made from 60% cotton and 40% polyester this shirt will definitely feel both soft and comfortable. The zipper runs all over the front including the hoodie. Not that you definitely need to close the hoodie itself, but it’s a nice way to be able to tighten this shirt around the neck area. Here are a couple of facts that you should probably read before you decide to order.

First of all it’s great that you get the option to select a size. There is small, medium, large, x-large and xx-large. Depending on the size you choose the price will slightly differ. Don’t ask us why, but a large one will cost you $34.81 and a small one $64.95. But as with all products prices can change over time. So just make sure to check yourself if these prices are still up to date! Sometimes resellers recognize these strange facts and adjust them as appropriate. What we ourselves like best are the great details on the print. Even the hoodie just looks like R2, and if you completely close it your head will turn into the droid itself. Not that you need to do this, but still it’s a sign that the manufacturer has put some thoughts into it. Customers who bought this hoodie advise others to buy it one size bigger than they normally would. It runs a little small. So if you need the medium size, get the large one instead. You are allowed to wash it in your washing machine, which is good because not all shirts can handle this. And besides that, washing by hand can sometimes just be a little more time consuming. Just make sure to leave it to dry by itself.

Besides the price this is absolutely a great product to go get if you like R2D2 (or Star Wars), or even if you just like the cool color combinations. The costs for the large one are very reasonable, we just don’t get why the small one is so expensive. But on the other hand, if you usually buy small then you should get this item in medium anyways (which will cost you $49.99). Still not too bad. Here are some pictures and if you like to know more hit the check it out button.




r2d2-hoodie-back r2d2-hoodie-closed


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