R2D2 Leggings


The Appealing R2D2 Leggings

What’s not to like about the R2D2 leggings? They are a true eye-catcher at any occasion! We had a look at available products and on this page we will clear things up a little for you. We hope it will give you some help if you’re seriously considering to buy one.

Let’s start with the design. Most leggings that we came across come with a print in which R2D2 is accompanied by either C-3PO or some other Star Wars characters. In other words, if you only want R2D2 to be printed on them your choices are very limited. We found one product that has this droid printed on the left leg, and on the right leg it has the words ‘Star Wars’ on the side (see picture below). The waistband is elastic and the materials used are cotton (94%) and spandex (6%). It is the only legging where you have the choice to select a size, so that’s a bonus for this product! You can select between small, medium and large. Because of the limited amount of colors used you can wear it at any time without immediately drawing everyone’s attention. It will cost you $19.99.



If you’re not amused enough about this item then here’s your next choice. A legging with both R2D2 and C-3PO. It’s more appealing than the one above but it’s up to you to like it or not. More colors and more details make it a little ‘cooler’ and will probably ring a bell to others. The downside is that the images are a little unsharp if you take a close look. But from a small distance that problem is definitely solved. Keep in mind that you only pa$8.63 for these leggings! A good price for a product you can wear over and over again. What we don’t like about it is that you don’t have the option to select a size. They are 88% polyester and 12% spandex so the idea is that it will fit almost anyone. There is no absolute rule about how well they will fit you but customers who bought it were satisfied as long as they were no taller than 5’7 and their weight was somewhere between 110 and 140 lbs/pounds.



Going from there, here’s your next option. Almost the same leggings but from a different company, made out of 80% polyester and 20% spandex. Also with this item you don’t get to choose the size but chances that it will fit you are much bigger. The flexible sizing should fit anyone from x-small to medium. Specifications given are that they will fit 35-36 inches in length, 24-32 inches in waist and 36-40 inches around the hip area. Since spandex gives a big amount of elasticity these leggings will definitely fit more people than the one we mentioned above. But off course you pay for the material and so this product sells for $32.00.



The fourth and last possibility are these very cute leggings totally inspired by the Star Wars movies. R2D2 only covers a small part but the whole theme really makes them stand out from the ones mentioned above. From a size/quality point of view you can compare them to the cheaper version of the R2D2/C-3PO combination, so they might not fit everyone well enough. But that’s a risk you have to take since you only pay $8.06.




To summarize

The R2D2 leggings are one of our favorite products on this website, however most of them come in one size that should fit almost all. Only one allows you to choose a size, and only one comes with more spandex material to give a better fit. The two cheap products are fantastic for those who have a body length up to 5’7 and weigh between 110 and 140 lbs/pounds. For more clothes on our website click here or check out the top 10 by clicking here.

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