R2D2 Lunch Bag


The Thermos R2D2 Lunch Bag

r2d2-lunch-bagA little bigger than the lunch box we offer on our website, here’s the R2D2 Lunch Bag! What doesn’t fit in a box might just fit in a bag. And besides that, it keeps your meals and beverages cool and fresh! Send them off to school in style, especially if they reach the age when Star Wars characters start to get their interest. Let’s see what it’s all about.

The bag measures 5.8 x 5.5 x 11.2 inches, giving you enough space for food and drinks. The outer part consists of a foam insulation layer that will support longer freshness. 100% pvc free! The quality is great and you can clean both the inside and outside very easily. Simply take a soft cloth, soak it with water and you should be fine. One advantage is that with this thermos bag you won’t need to use a lot of disposable materials anymore for lunch packing. Also it has a tight fit after closing the zipper. If you want you can add an additional icepack if you need to keep things cool for multiple hours. The bonus it comes with is the ‘lights and sound feature’ that you can activate by a single button on R2’s head. Maybe not really necessary, but well kids love funny gadgets and it most definitely will be good fun at lunchtime! Downside is that you can’t change the batteries for this function so at some point that part of the product comes to an end (or maybe you are creative enough to fix it). Good details of the droid by the way.

Amazon sells it for $19.36. ThinkGeek offers it for $19.99. It’s hard to say where you should buy it. Amazon offers free shipping on orders from 35 bucks, whilst at ThinkGeek it’s from 75 bucks. Just check out the shipping costs and make your decision. Keep in mind that ThinkGeek only ships to the U.S. and Canada. Amazon also accepts orders from a selected amount of countries outside the U.S. Last but not least: ThinkGeek every now and then puts all their stuff on sale with a nice 20% off.



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