R2D2 Lunch Box


The Cool R2D2 Lunch Box

r2d2-lunch-boxSending your kids off to school with this R2D2 Lunch Box must surely stimulate them to start their meals as soon as it’s lunchbreak! Most probably they just can’t wait to show to everyone that they are the true masters of lunch boxes day in and day out. But not only kids, also grown ups must surely enjoy this box as you’re never too old to have some fun and make your colleagues wonder what’s going on. And there always is a good reason to take it with you: You’re protecting your lunch from Darth Vader! So maybe we should all start to consider to get one of these!

There seem to be two different boxes to choose from. The one we tell you about here is the one we like best ourselves. Scroll down to the bottom of this page to check out the other one in case you’re interested. So this product is made of tin which is good to prevent corrosion and makes you enjoy it for years to come. It looks bigger in the pictures than it actually is. It measures 7.5 x 5.3 x 3.2 inches (or 19 x 13.5 x 8 centimeters) and should easily fit into most bags. Both front and back have a very detailed design of the astromech droid and the sides are decorated with the ‘Star Wars’ lettering logo. The secure clasp provides tight closure and the handle easy carrying. As with many Star Wars products this one is also officially licensed, but maybe you don’t care too much about that. Just a small detail that some of us really take into account. In the end it’s a fun and cool way to carry and enjoy your lunch!

It will cost you $16.65 and to check it out and read more follow the link below. A good price for a product that is made to last.



The other possibility

There’s another R2D2 Lunch Box available in almost the same size. In our opinion the details are not as well done as in the one we mentioned above. But it’s a personal choice. This one has a different design so if you don’t like the box-shape then maybe this could work for you. It will cost you $27.99 which is a small downside compared to the other one. But in case you have two kids then it could be pretty awesome to not give them the exact same lunch box! Whatever you choose, we’re sure your kids will be thankful. For other Food/Drinks related gadgets click here.



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