R2D2 Measuring Cups


The R2D2 Measuring Cups Set


r2d2-measuring-cupsQuite a cool gadgets to have in your kitchen: The R2D2 Measuring Cups. Especially if you have kids and want to bake a cake or whatever. They will love it! What you’ll get is a figure of R2 himself that you can take apart into little pieces. Let’s start with the head. If you take it off then you’ll have a 1/2 cup volume that you can use when baking or cooking. The second part will be the neck. Take it off and it will give you 1/3 of a cup for easy and quick measurements. Then we come to the body. This is the biggest part containing 1 cup for you to fill with your ingredients. Underneath there’s a smaller belly part you can fill up to 1/4 cup. After usage simply clean and stack them on top of each other and attach to the base.

You can also take apart the arms. It will give you a total of 4 spoons. One will give you 1/4 tsp, one will give you 1/3, one 1/2 and the biggest is 1. Simply click them back onto the droid when you’re finished and your kitchen will stay clean and stylish.

For some it could be their first Star Wars gadget in the kitchen, for others it could be a good addition to their collection. There are lots and lots of R2D2 kitchen gadgets available of which we show you the most popular ones on this page. A little similar is our food and drinks category, but make sure to check those out too as there are some additional products added to it every now and then. Even though most of the people who buy this stuff are star wars fans themselves, you don’t necessarily need to be one! These types of gadgets can even be very cool and appealing if you have no clue who R2 is. Or how about considering it as a present for someone you know that does in fact adore this little droid?

The downside is the price. At least, that is our opinion. We believe that the price is a little high considering what you will be getting. You will pay $38.99 for 15 x 10 x 10 inches of plastic. Good thing is that there will be no additional shipping costs involved. Which makes it a little more acceptable to order. All together these R2D2 Measuring Cups are a great addition for the real fans in need to finish their collection. For those who are looking for a cheap birthday present we advise you to also check out our cheap section here.




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