R2D2 Mickey Ears


The Funny R2D2 Mickey Ears

r2d2-mickey-earsDesigned and manufactured by Disney Theme Parks, here’s the R2D2 Mickey Ears hat! Maybe not something to wear on your wedding, but who knows if you have some party planned for which you have no clue how to draw some attention. Or even better, if you have kids then this will be the perfect gift that they will love to wear. Especially if they love Mickey and start to develop some interest in the whole Star Wars scene too.

So what will you get when you order it? It’s a one-size-fits-most product that will fit very well for children, but some grown ups have managed to get them over their heads too. Yeah, some dads are cool! The R2 cap itself is made from some kind of foam rubber that can stretch. The ears are from plastic. Pretty good quality so your kid can wear it over and over again without asking you for a new one. The hat is decorated with some buttons and off course the typical blue, black and white colors. An elastic strap is attached that your kid can put under his chin to prevent the hat from falling off. We found it online for $24.33 but you can also get one at Disneyland! Just follow the link below and take a closer look before you buy one.

In our opinion a great funny toy for your kid that will make your visitors laugh and ask them all kinds of questions about Star Wars. It’s more amusing than you may think! Halloween also seems to be a good time to put one of these on your head. Quality-price is good.




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