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R2D2 MP3 Player

r2d2-mp3Play your favorite songs with this R2D2 MP3 player wherever you are and whenever you want. Actually this cool little devise is referred to as being an mp4 player, but yes it plays mp3’s! MP4 is a file format that’s used for storing audio, videos and pictures. So you can in fact listen to your music with it, watch videos and also take a look at your pictures. It allows storing your music in the mp3 format, videos must be altered into amv files (software for doing that comes with this product), and pictures must be a bmp (bitmap) file.

Capacity of this multimedia gadgets is 2 gigabytes. This equals to around 500 songs which should be just fine for a vacation or a trip to work. It measures 4 inches in length and 2.5 inches in width. If you order one you will also get a pair of headphones in C-3PO style. However, don’t expect these to be of high quality. There are better ones to consider or maybe you already have some good ones at home. Another cool thing is the integrated speaker which allows you to listen to your music without the need to plug anything into your ears. But the quality is rather poor so maybe just stick with the headphones. On R2D2’s back you will find some buttons to scroll through your music library and select your songs. It’s pretty obvious that this is not a professional mp3 player, it’s more a fun gadget to have or something your kids will adore. Therefore the price of $15.75 is not so bad and worth this piece of equipment.

If you are looking for a cheap but fun multimedia product then this is a good choice. The thing we don’t like that much is that it can be quite some work to alter your video files into the amv file format. And most people also need to change their photos into bmp files as they often have them saved in a different extension. So go ahead and order one if your main goal is to listen to music. If you really need to watch movies and pictures then you either want to check out other products or accept the fact that you will need to do some file-changing at your computer. For kids it’s awesome, for grown ups we’re a little ‘mweh’ about it. Here’s the link:



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