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The Enjoyable R2D2 Mug

r2d2-mugCoffee, tea, actually any drink can be served in style with this R2D2 Mug. If it’s yourself, your kids or your partner, no one is too young or too old to deserve a mug like this! It comes in a nice gift box which makes it a nice present for a birthday party for example. As you may already know there are quite some other mugs to choose from as well, so let’s give you a good start by checking out this one and giving some more details about the other ones in a minute.

What is it all about? It approximately 3.7 inches tall and 3.2 inches in diameter. For those who measure in centimeters that equals to 9.2 x 8. The design is obviously inspired by R2D2, and it really looks like that cute little droid with some great details. Some of these details are a little raised which make this product come to life while holding it. At the top inside it has the words ‘Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You’re my only hope’. You can wash it with your dishwasher and it is officially licensed by Star Wars. The price is reasonable considering that you’ll have to pay $19.00 to order one. If you’re interested check it out here and read more details or even get one.

r2d2-cup-right r2d2-mugr2d2-cup-left



Like we mentioned before, there is more to consider. There’s one with a little more colors licensed by Disney and measures 4.5 x 3.75 inches. Here’s an example image of how it looks like and you can check it out below. Price: $25.99




If you want your mug to come with a cover (R2’s head) to keep your beverage warm then you have two options. An awesome one with astonishing details or the cheaper version of lower quality. No wonder why they differ in their price ($40.15 and $25.45). Just read more yourself if you consider one of them:









All together

Depending on the amount you are willing to pay, you have a couple of options to choose your favoriet R2D2 Mug. The one we spoke about in the first place is a really cool and nicely shaped item for a reasonable price. The colorful Disney version is more appealing, but we consider it to be a bit over the top. In the end R2 is not that blue! From the ones with the cover there’s a big difference in details, and the more expensive and more detailed one is not cheap at all. A good thing you get to make your own decision, which in the end is the purpose of this website. Whatever cup you choose, make sure to enjoy that morning coffee even more than you already did!

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