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The Sweet R2D2 Onesie

r2d2-onesieDo you have a little kid? Or did someone you know gave birth to a boy or girl and you don’t know what to get? Well, here’s an idea! The R2D2 Onesie. Off course we R2D2 lovers would buy this for our own kids, but well the question is what would others say about it? We at R2D2Gadgets.com think everyone should love it! Even if they are not into Star Wars at all. The blue and white colors make it absolutely cute on all babies. And let’s assume that they will look back at their baby pictures one day, they should be laughing their butts off when they see themselves dressed in this onesie!

The best thing about it is that you get to choose a size before ordering. Make your choice between 0-6 months, 6-12 months, 12-18 months or 18-24 months. This should provide a good fit for the little fellow you intend to buy it for. Details are in a good quality and it’s mad by 100% cotton. On the front it says “R is for R2-D2”, and yeah that’s right! Even better if the kid you get it for has a first name starting with an “R”! But otherwise it’s just as much fun. Kids develop their senses straight after birth, and having a look at the little robot should make them start to understand that there is more than just us humans. It will trigger their creativity and make them laugh. Customers are very happy with this product. Even after washing it still looks fresh and the details have not partially vanished. Some say that it comes a little big, but well every baby will grow into it at some point so don’t worry about this too much.

The 0-6 months size will cost you $15.99. The 6-12 months version seems to be out of stock but make sure to check it just in case you need that one. The 12-18 months onesie costs $16.49 and the 18-24 months one will cost you $17.95. At least that’s the case at Amazon. Amazon offers free shipping on order over $35.00. But you can check shipping costs yourself depending on your location. Just follow the link and go from there.



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