R2D2 Papercraft


The Build-It-Yourself R2D2 Papercraft

r2d2-papercraftKeep your friends and beloved ones busy with this R2D2 Papercraft kit! Or maybe you just want it for yourself to keep you busy on a holiday or camping trip. The parts are made from high-quality cardstock paper with both great details and colors. The result is just amazing! If it’s not your thing then maybe it would still be a perfect birthday gift for your kid or partner.

Let’s compare it with the other kit we offer on our website (check it out here if you’re interested). Now that one comes with metal parts and has the disadvantage that it’s not so easy for kids to build all by themselves. In fact the metal kit is advised for everyone from 14 years and older. Now this papercraft model can be build by kids from 9 years and up, so they should be able to fix it themselves without your help. Another thing to notice is the size of the result. The metal droid will measure around 3 inches in height once finished. The paper model will be 16 inches tall (which equals to 40 centimeters). So quite a difference! You’ll be able to order this kit for $19.99 which is twice as expensive as the metal one. But still, you will have a way bigger droid to look at once you have built it, so we think it’s a reasonable price.

All together a fun product that’s easy to build and comes with an easy to understand manual.




Other kits

Like we mentioned there is another (metallic) kit available. So if the R2D2 Papercraft isn’t exactly what you want, who knows if you like the metal one better. A bit more difficult to build but here’s what it looks like (click image to read more). For more toys go here. May the force be with you!


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