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The X-Large R2D2 Pez

r2d2-pezWe guess most of us owned a Pez candy character once in our lives, didn’t we? Well, if you haven’t then you might not be living in one of the 90 countries where these candies have been sold over and over again. They truly are one of the most famous candy dispensers and as you probably guessed there now is a R2D2 Pez in stores too! And even better, it’s a large one. It measures 12 inches in length (which equals to 30 centimeters). Still looking for the small traditional version? Well don’t worry, you’ll find one at the bottom of this page!

For those who are not familiar with Pez, it simply is a small plastic character from a movie or cartoon or whatever. It allows you to store small candies inside which you can buy in packages at most supermarkets. Unwrap a package and insert your candies one by one into whatever character you picked. Everytime you tilt the head it will release one of your candies until they are all finished. They come in different flavors too. The thing is that most people who love these sweets get bored to place them into their dispenser and end up eating them from the packages instead. So what would you fanatics say to a BIG Pez character that does’t store single candies but the whole packages instead? Pretty awesome right? And even better, one of these x-large characters happens to be R2D2!

To take it a step further: You have the ability to insert 2 AA batteries (which are included) to make this R2D2 Pez come to life once you feel the need to reach for your candies. It will play the Star Wars theme for you and the blue light will pop up on his ‘head’. If you order it you will get 12 packs of candies to immediately stuff your new gadget. Below you will find the Amazon link to learn more or even order. Unfortunately it’s not cheap though as it sells for $79.99.




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