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The Talking R2D2 Plush

r2d2-plushWant to surprise your little kid with a new and colorful toy? Who knows if the R2D2 Plush will do the trick. Perfect for any child of 3 years and up. Or maybe you as a grown up just want to have one for yourself in your bedroom. There are a lot of different similar gadgets on the internet, but if it’s up to us we like this one the most. Not only because it can talk, it just looks amazing with wonderful colors. Some even use it as a pillow when they travel by plane or feel like a nap in the back of a car.

Let’s take a closer look at it. There are actually two sizes available for the exact same plush. One is 9 inches tall and the bigger one measures 15 inches. So depending on your wishes, or maybe the age of your child, you can choose either one. Just imagine to be able to take some cute pictures of your kid holding this droid. Definitely will make them smile when they are older and start to ask you about baby or childhood photographs. If you press the ‘I Talk’ button on R2’s front he will start to whistle. So even if your child has no clue who this droid is, the sound must draw their attention and they might even try to repeat it. You are never too young to start your journey into the world of Star Wars!

There are quite some other talking plushes from the Star Wars movies. Like Yoda or Chewbacca for example. We added a picture and a product link at the bottom of this page for you. They also come in the 9 and 15 inches sizing but you’ll manage after you followed our link. For this R2D2 Plush you pay $18.67 for the 9 inch version and $38.73 for the 15 inch one.


9 Inch Plush



15 Inch Plush



Other Star Wars Characters

Besides the R2D2 Plush you could also consider the Yoda or Chewbacca Plush. More toys can be found in our toy section in case you are having doubts about this one.

yoda-plush chewbacca-plush

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