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Play Your Movies With The R2D2 Projector

r2d2-projectorBy far the most expensive product on our website is this R2D2 Projector. We ourselves would never get one as the price is way above our budget, but if you buy one then you MUST be the ultimate R2D2 fan! We weren’t so sure if this would fit to our collection of gadgets since we always browse through the internet looking for good deals to show you where to buy stuff cheap. But since some of the true Star Wars fans seem to be visiting our site too we thought who knows if this is just what you have been looking for from the beginning. Everyone’s budget is different, so yeah who are we to say this wouldn’t belong on here somewhere.

Let’s face it, there are a lot of better projectors to buy online for a much cheaper price. Tons of websites will show up when you do a simple google search and there should be some great deals popping up here and there. So if you buy this projector you must be looking for a great collectors item that just a few people on this planet actually own. R2 carries the projector in his head and a dvd player is integrated. Also you can connect your video game console to play games or your pc to stream movies and pictures. A speaker is buit inside but most probably you want to connect your own speaker set to enjoy a better sound quality. It supports Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound. Resolution is 1024 x 768 and the maximum screen size to project is 80 inches. Additionally there’s an iPod holder, a USB slot and a memory card opening.

Do you need one? Probably not. Do you want one? Probably yes. If you have the money and want to beat everyone else’s R2D2 collection of gadgets then that’s a good reason to go get one. At this time there is only one available but you can always get in touch with the reseller in case someone already took advantage of this offer. It will cost you $5,699.00 and additional shipping costs are $128.48. In case you buy one please let us know and if you feel like it send us some pictures to add to our website.




Don’t get confused

Just a small reminder. The R2D2 Projector is way to expensive if you just need a projector. Besides that, it’s absolutely not what our website is all about. We do all we can to find the best deals for R2D2 gadgets so you know where to buy them cheapest. And if resellers have similar offers we tell you about that too. So don’t get confused after reading this post about this incredibly expensive product. We don’t try to sell expensive stuff, we just want to give a true and up-to-date summary of all te possibilities there are. And unfortunately that also involves expensive stuff. So relax, sit back and enjoy our gadgets and read more about them. For instance, take a look at the electronics or top 10 section and you’ll see that almost all of our stuff ships for a very reasonable price!

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