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The Soft R2D2 Robe

r2d2-robeSoft, warm and comfortable…three words that describe this R2D2 Robe best! Good quality and lots of details…what’s not to like? It’s a one-size product which is a little too big for children but fits grownups perfectly. Need one for kids? Don’t worry because we offer one of those as well at the very bottom of this page.

After doing some research it seems that lots of Star Wars characters have been an inspiration for bathrobes already. Luckily they haven’t missed our favorite droid and came up with a nice and detailed design. It’s made from 100% cotton and feels super soft to your skin. You can wash it with your washing machine and it will still look fabulous afterwards! It comes with two pockets at each side and a hood to keep you extra warm on chilly winter evenings. Get one for yourself, or surprise your husband on his birthday..if he is a Star Wars fan then probably no other present can beat yours!

Just as with any other gadget, you do have to pay for this unfortunately. Amazon sells one from the UK for $56.30 + $4.95 shipping, and one from the US which will cost you $63.11 (free shipping). Don’t get confused about the different pictures used, they really are the same. If you don’t care too much about paying the extra $1.86 for the US product then go for it as it’s eligible for one-day shipping and has the option to giftwrap (the other one does not). But yeah, if you live in the UK then most probably you will get the UK item. Just decide for yourself. Hammacher offers it for $99.95, if you feel like checking it out click here (you never know if they changed their price).



Shipping from the US:



Shipping from the UK:



What other Star Wars characters are available?

Besides the R2D2 Robe you can also choose a totally different one like the Stormtrooper or Yoda robe. Have a look below if interested.

stormtrooper-robe  yoda-robe  chewbacca-robe  darth-vader-robe  jedi-robe  boba-fett-robe

Stormtrooper        Yoda            Chewbacca     Darth Vader        Jedi            Boba Fett

$66.27                    $39.98         $62.00             $39.98                 $30.00       $69.99


For Kids (click image)





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