R2D2 Soap Dispenser


The R2D2 Soap Dispenser

r2d2-soap-dispenserIt seems R2D2 gadgets almost have no limit! And this is again proven when we came across the R2D2 Soap Dispenser. At first we weren’t too sure whether to add this to our website or not. It’s expensive ($75.14), there are no customer reviews (at this point) and there’s not a lot to mention about it. Most resellers took it out of their collection but Amazon still ships them. So if you definitely want to get one and don’t care about the price then please let us know what you think of it. There is a comment box below which will help us and other visitors to get to learn more about this product.

We really do think it looks brilliant though! True Star Wars lovers might definitely need one to complete their bathroom interior or to add that finishing touch to their kitchens. Fill it with soap or shampoo and you can enjoy it every day. Unfortunately soap or shampoo sold in stores usually comes with a dispenser themselves for which you probably only pay a couple of bucks. And that’s the main reason why you probably won’t find this R2D2 Soap Dispenser at other homes…and the more it will appeal to your visitors making them ask “Where did you get that?”.

All together, in our opinion not the best R2D2 gadget since you pay quite a lot for it! But we have to admit it’s very exclusive! We would love to hear your experiences to further optimize our website. Opinions are also welcome, and if you don’t feel like typing in the box below then you can also e-mail us directly. Maybe your information will help us to add more details to this post. To those who buy it: Rock on!




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