R2D2 Speaker


The Cute R2D2 Speaker

r2d2-speakerFor everyone that’s looking for an R2D2 Speaker here’s a good option. Keep in mind that there are way better speakers out there for the same price that have better audio quality. But they are not shaped in this droid, so yeah it’s a choice you have to make. We consider this great for kids who are too young to really hear the difference between speakers and who just love R2D2! To them music from R2 cannot be beaten by high quality speakers. So maybe this could be your inspiration for a christmas or birthday gift.

The speaker measures 7.7 x 5.2 x 3.8 inches. It’s built by Bunkerbound and ships for $42.83. You have the ability to connect your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, Windows computer or mp3 player. Simply connect and play your favorite music! The size allows you (or your kid) to take it around anywhere you like as it weights 9.9 ounces. Big fun for your next holiday, especially if your kid is at an age where he or she is creating an own taste of music. Be aware that an mp3 player is not included so you may need to get one of those too, or maybe you already own one. We offer the R2D2 mp3 player in case you want to show off! It would be a good match but it would be even better if your kid has somehow developed an interest in Star Wars, and especially in this droid. Anyways, you’ll probably know if this product is the one you were looking for so if it still has your interest we provided a link below.

All together this is another product where fun plays a bigger role than quality. And like we said, quality can be very important to us grown ups, but for children this could be a totally different story. To them music will sound much better if it comes from their favorite astromech droid than from some high tech speaker in the shape of a box.



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