R2D2 Swimsuit


The awesome R2D2 Swimsuit

r2d2-swimsuitObviously a product for women! But we wouldn’t be surprised if lots of men out there are buying this R2D2 swimsuit as a present for their Star-Wars-loving girlfriends. Let’s face it, this does really look awesome on the beach or at the pool. Besides that, the chance that someone else is wearing the same swimsuit at that same pool must be almost 0. Stand out from the crowd and get ready to show the world that R2D2 is still alive!

We especially like this product since the design is not only very detailed but also because it’s made of high quality materials. It’s a swimsuit that will stay in a good shape and you’ll be able to wear it every now and then throughout many years. There’s no worry that the colors will come off or that it’ll easily get damaged. The combination of the black, blue and white colors must ring a bell to a lot of people, so yeah you might get some nice comments coming your way! No additional prints (like you might see on other related products) keep this swimsuit clear and fresh.

There also is a C-3PO version of this swimsuit. This is another character from the Star Wars movies who joins R2D2 in his adventures. Maybe a fun gift for your friend to wear besides you in your R2D2 swimsuit? If that doesn’t draw the attention then probably nothing will!


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r2d2-swimsuit-backThis swimsuit will fit anyone with size X-small, Small and Medium. To give more details, the flex sizing fits any bust from 32-38 inches, waist sizes from 24-32 inches and hip sizes from 36-40 inches. Or in centimeters, the bust would be 81-96 cm, the waist 60-81 cm and the hip 91-101 cm. It’s made out of 80% polyester and 20% spandex. There are cheaper comparable products to choose from which we will add for you below to compare. It’s mainly the material and the quality of the details that often make them look cheaper. But for those on a budget it’s a good alternative. Prices for this product start at $36.00.




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Cheaper Version                       C-3PO Version

$9.99                                           $36.00

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