R2D2 Tank Top


The Black & White R2D2 Tank Top

r2d2-tank-topWe could have added this R2D2 Tank Top to our dress page (click here), however since it does not look similar in any way we decided to give it an own short review. Especially since we like this tank top so much ourselves! It’s definitely not to compare to the colored versions that you find most of the times, it’s more a casual styled piece of clothing with a big fat image of R2 himself. In other words, if you don’t feel like wearing the typical blue-black-white droid colors then this is definitely worth to consider.

It comes in one size which is medium. It should fit a lot of us but if you’re not sure then these are the measurements: 18 inches around the chest (which is measured between the armpits) and 30 inches in length. The material used is 100% cotton so it will give you a nice and soft feeling when you have it on. Also the price is not bad at all! You pay $12.99 on Amazon with additional shipping costs being $6.00. The reason you have to pay for these extra bucks is because this item is made in Thailand. If you order one they will print R2 onto the shirt for you by hand before they can ship it out. That’s also the reason why you will have to wait 2-3 weeks until you finally have it delivered at your home. So you’ll need to have some patience. But once you have this tank top you should be almost certain that you are one of the few who took the effort to go get it! Small chance that anyone else will be wearing it when you go to a party or shopping mall of wherever.

Like we mentioned in the beginning, there are more related products to consider. Especially if you prefer the typical colors, or if you don’t want to wait a couple of weeks to get this one. The picture below is a good alternative and by clicking it you’ll get to see even more possibilities. One advantage of the one below is that you get to choose a size, ranging from small to x-large. It’s a little more expensive ($19.77) but shipping costs could be lower. Free shipping is even possible if your total order is 35 bucks or more.




If you like the R2D2 Tank Top but also want to find out what more you could get, then maybe you like this one. Click the image if you are interested. For more clothes visit this page or to see all of our cool products click here.

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