R2D2 Towel


The Soft R2D2 Towel

r2d2-towelWhat would you say to this R2D2 Towel? Just imagine getting out of the shower and wrap this towel around you. Or spread it on the beach and lay down comfortably after a swim. This towel assures a soft touch to your skin and is something that probably not a lot of people actually own. Making it a good wanna-have product or maybe even the perfect birthday gift!

It measures 60 inches in length and 30 inches in width, so it should just be large enough to enjoy it. It’s manufactured from 100% cotton providing a warm feeling when you wrap it around your body. Great details, great quality, great ‘wow’ effect. It is an officially licensed Star Wars product but maybe that’s not very important to you. The blue, black and white color combination should make it very clear who this towel is representing. There’s a picture on the right giving you a good idea of how it looks like, and the picture below gives you an impression of how your beach spot will stand out from the crowd. We found it on Amazon where you can order it for $19.95. Unfortunately this does not include shipping expenses as Amazon offers free shipping on orders over $35.00. So you rather get more stuff or you check out what additional shipping costs will apply to your location. If you need it fast then don’t worry because with this item you have the option to use the one-day shipping possibility, guaranteeing you will have it at your front door shorty.

We believe that the price you pay is quite reasonable for a good quality towel. If you want to clean it with your washing machine then that’s no problem, just make sure to use cold water. Otherwise clean it by hand. Start your journey in the world of R2 and complete your Star Wars collection now!



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