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The Build-It-Yourself R2D2 Toy

r2d2-toyIf you want to get an R2D2 Toy then your options seem almost limitless. We offer some great toys on our website which you can check out here, but when it comes to toys we always hear that people prefer the kind of stuff you can build yourself. Still it’s hard to say which toy is the one you are looking for right now, so let us focus on this one. If it’s not your thing just browse through our¬†website to check out more stuff.

The first reason why we like this product is because of the price-quality story. You pay $9.95 for a detailed and challenging toy that will keep you busy for a while. And once you finished it you can still enjoy the look of it by giving it a nice spot in your room, or most probably in your kids room. Then there’s the challenge. It’s not that easy to construct so you definitely have a challenge to work for. Kids like this toy, but maybe not buy it for the younger kids out there. They will most likely ask for your help at some point. The manufacturer advises it for kids from the age of 14 and up. The set comes with a lot of metal parts that you need to put together yourself. But don’t worry, instructions are included. Get your kid busy for a while for almost 10 bucks! The result will look amazing with lots of details like R2’s lenses for example. The assembled size is around 2.5 x 2 x 3 inches.

The good details are realized because the metal parts are cut by a laser. If you built it, the parts will have a perfect fit. Make sure not to bend any of the parts if something doesn’t seem to fit. Just give it a little time and you’ll love the result. Like we said it will cost you $9.95¬†which doesn’t include shipping costs. But shipping costs will be displayed once you decide to order this kit. We found it on Amazon where free shipping is only possible on orders over $35.00.



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