R2D2 Trash Can


The Realistic R2D2 Trash Can

r2d2-trash-canProbably one of the most detailed products when it comes to replicas! Start to make cleaning fun with this R2D2 Trash Can and keep your office or kitchen tidy. It really looks fantastic, almost as if it were alive!

The bin can easily be opened by pressing on a pedal that is hanging between R2D2’s legs. His head will open up giving you good access to the inside basket holding the trash. Simply remove the basket with the handle it comes with and easily place it back when emptied. It measures 23.5 inches in height and 16 inches in width (or in centimeters that would be 60 x 40). The removable waste bin inside is around 11 inches in height. As you probably figured out that’s not a lot of trash, so most people prefer to use it at their office or in their bathroom. For your kitchen it may be too small and will require regular cleaning. Keep in mind that it’s more about the fun and apparel than the functionality! The long lasting vinyl material and the details it comes with have the disadvantage that you pay quite a lot to have this for yourself. The cheapest price we found online is $129.99 at ThinkGeek.com (we provided a direct product link for you below, or click here). We were a little amazed that big sites like Amazon ask a way higher price ($179.70 for the exact same bin, and sometimes even more expensive). Usually Amazon sells their stuff for a very competitive and even lowest price, but sometimes you just have to be careful and do some more research yourself before you place your order. 

All together this R2D2 Trash Can will look awesome in any room but it’s a little small to help you out in your kitchen (except if you don’t cook a lot or don’t mind emptying on a regular basis). It is a must-have for the big Star Wars fans out there that don’t mind paying quite some bucks for this gadget. We love the details!



(for the expensive Amazon link click here – who knows if they will lower their price at some point)

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