R2D2 USB Hub


The 4 Port R2D2 USB Hub

r2d2-usb-hubThis is a handy and fun product for all the R2D2 fans out there that wish to add some decoration to their desk. And besides decoration, this R2D2 USB Hub is also very functional with it’s 4 USB ports to connect your stuff to. We have browsed through lots of different websites to find this item as cheap as possible, but as it seems this is either out of stock or just not a lot of websites sell it. Believe it or not but prices vary between 26 and 184 bucks! Yeah, we couldn’t believe it either. So if you visit the Amazon.com website you’ll find it for $184.00, not a good deal! The best price can be found on Amazon.co.uk where it ships for $25.95. Still it’s good to check the Amazon.com website as at the time you read this article they may have changed the price.

So what is it all about. It measures 6 inches in height which is around 15 centimeters. You connect it to your USB port and it will give your 4 ports instead. Especially handy if you just have one single USB connection available on your computer and therefore need to change you cables over and over again. Connect your USB powered devise and R2 will respond with one of his typical sounds. For those working in a quiet office you have the possibility to switch these sounds off to keep things quiet. It works on both a PC and a Mac. 2 USB ports are integrated on the front and 2 on the back. Besides the cable to connect this gadget it doesn’t contain extra USB cables so you will need to get those yourself. But most probably you already own them as they should come with many products already.

We consider the UK price very acceptable for this pretty awesome product. Some people experienced that they cannot use all 4 ports simultaneously when connecting more powerful gear like external harddrives. But you should be very fine if your goal is to charge your smartphone, tablet or digital camera. In the end don’t forget that this is a gadget that will bring your desk to life and will trigger your colleagues to get one too!

Amazon.co.uk link ($25.95):


Amazon.com link ($184.00):



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