The R2D2 USB Sticks

r2d2-usbWe all are familiar with USB sticks, they can come in handy to store and transport fils from our computers. What a coincidence that there also seems to be an R2D2 USB version on todays market. They come with different capacities and we give you the links to the 4 and 8 gigabytes products. There are more possibilities which you will come across after following your preferred link. But the 4 and 8 gb versions are the most sold ones and they look way cooler than the other ones.

They are pretty small and measure 2.5 inches in height and about 1 inch in width. You can use them for any PC or Mac computer and allow high speed file sharing (USB 2.0). All together a fun little product that can be of little help every now and then. It’s too small to give a good feedback about the details, so yeah if you want one just go ahead since they don’y cost a fortune. The 4 gigabytes stick costs $7.81 and the 8 gigabytes one $21.99. We really have no clue why the 8 gb version is more expensive than two single 4 gb ones, so decide for yourself what’s best. Not to force you to buy anything, but quite some people buy the 4 gb item when they want to order stuff from Amazon and cannot hit the 35 bucks limit to qualify for the free shipping. It would be better to get this USB stick in stead of paying almost the same for shipping, at least that’s our opinion.

For the rest there’s not much to say. The product speaks for itself. Just make your choice below and go from there.

4 GB Stick



8 GB Stick



Other USB Stuff

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