R2D2 Watch


The Stylish R2D2 Watch

r2d2-watchA marvelous piece of stainless steel! Start to keep track of time with this R2D2 Watch and impress anyone that gets a glimpse of it. High quality materials combined with an official numbered certificate of authenticity make this watch everything but a toy!

First of all it comes in a nice black Star Wars box to keep it safely stored when you don’t intend to wear it every day. Think of it more as being a collectors item. It shows you very accurate timing with a red and yellow indicator, representing the hours and minutes. A white wristband made of leather adds the finishing touch and secures a good and comfortable fit. What we like most about this product is how well the rotating ring surrounding the watch face is integrated into the design. It’s resistant to water up to 50 meters of depth but try to avoid that as water might sometimes damage the band. The required LR44 battery comes with this watch and can be replaced by yourself.

The watch face measures 1.75 inches in height x 1.75 inches in width x 0.625 inches in depth (or in millimeters that would be 44 x 44 x 16). The wristband is 0.7 inches wide (18 millimeters). Amazon sells it for $194.98, whereas ThinkGeek asks $199.99. We added the Amazon link for you below but if you’re interested you can check out the ThinkGeek website as well. You never know if suddenly one of them drops the price so it’s always good to compare. ThinkGeek sometimes temporarily puts all their offers on sale with a nice 20% off (and if so you will get a notification at the top of their website)





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