The Inflatable RC R2D2

rc-r2d2For ages 5 and up this is a very cool and fun gadget to consider: The RC R2D2! Radio controlled stuff is one of the most interesting toys that kids these days want to have. Most likely they want to have either a super fast racing car or helicopter, but why not add this fun product to their collection too. Or how about getting one for yourself and join your kids when they ask you to come outside to watch their new gear..you could impress them and their friends with this quite big droid running the streets. You’ll be the coolest parent ever!

So first of all it is inflatable. You’ll get a small foot pump when you order one to get it to full size easily. Approximately that will be around 26 x 24 x 14 inches (or in centimeters that would be 65 x 60 x 35). Also a remote controller is included that’s very easy to use. You can move R2 forward, backward, to the left and to the right..but the best part about it is that you can also make it spin 360 degrees. Absolutely an eye-catcher as you can see in the video we provided below. You will however need to stay within 8 meters or the connection will get lost. Unfortunately batteries are not included so you need to get those yourself. The remote control will require one 9 Volt battery and R2 himself needs four AA batteries. Another great feature is the stability when you drive your droid across the streets. He won’t fall down easily and can in fact go down a sidewalk and stay upright.

When searching for the best price online we found out that ThinkGeek is the cheapest. They actually are the ones that came up with the video that we added for you below. It will cost you $44.99 to get it from their website but shipping costs might be added later. Amazon sells it for $52.00 without any shipping costs at all. In the end it won’t matter that much where you order it from, however we do advise you to check out both. One good reason would be that ThinkGeek sometimes puts all their stuff on sale. So you never know!




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